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Manage your sales with a CRM tailored for Real Estate developers



CRM for the developer

  • Organization of the work of the developer company and sales departments of residential complexes
  • Setting up CRM tools for accepting and processing leads in a single system. Telephony connection
  • Integration of end-to-end analytics, call tracking, and transfer of UTM tags, to track the effectiveness of advertising sources
  • Modern checkerboard (base of premises) for the work of the entire company

Business process optimization

  • Automation of apartment booking date and status change. Monitoring the timely processing of applications
  • Contracting, preparation processes
    documents for putting the section into operation, etc.
  • Automatic tasks and reminders for sales managers
  • Distribution of applications strictly according to the manager’s work schedule, to be able to control the work

Training and supervision of the sales department

  • Formation of video and text instructions with illustrations. Transfer of video materials about working with systems
  • Online and offline training, which is carried out in several stages
  • Technical support provided by a personal manager
  • Regular “cuts” for evaluation and recommendations for improving the quality of work of sales managers


  • Understanding how a developer or residential complex sales team can work effectively
  • Creation of regulations for the work of different departments. Measuring performance by key metrics
  • Formation of systems for the internal work of departments, improvement of indicators, and output of results for optimization in subsequent periods

CRM Implementation Cases

Increasing sales and digitalization of a Real Estate developer in Ukraine
How to get a client for an apartment worth $400,000 in 7 days with a budget of $250?
Clients for a real estate agency in Turkey with Facebook and Instagram
Getting the first potential customers for real estate valued at $ 300,000 in Dubai
CRM system audit

Let’s analyze your CRM by 30+ points. We will indicate which functionality can be changed and why. How to simplify the work of managers and use the system more efficiently

How we are working

Tasks and collection of information

We conduct several dialogues with you to understand the current situation and the picture that you would like to receive after the implementation of the system. We give our recommendations and vision. We receive the necessary data from you.

Platform and work plan

We determine which tool will be more suitable for your needs, budget, and plans for the future. We describe the project and draw up a work plan and deadlines. We approve the structure of the project with you and begin work on setting up and implementing the system.

CRM setup

We are working on registration and setting up the platform. We add employees, set up access rights and set up sections for leads, deals, funnels, and contacts. We connect and set up synchronization of statuses for the developer’s checkerboard.

External resources and optimization

Connecting all existing lead sources to organize a unified system for processing applications. Setting up analytics and data transfer by request sources. Testing the lead and application system and improving cards for easier use.

Regulations and training

Elaboration of regulations for employees of the sales department and managers. The order of actions from entering the application into the system to the conclusion of a sales contract. Methods of analysis and formation of conclusions on the work of the sales department.

Operation control and support

Monthly cuts of the work of sales managers for 10 points, which are compiled manually. Weekly reports in Telegram on the main metrics. Control of system operation and technical support in case of problems with performance.

CRM system audit

Let’s analyze your CRM by 30+ points. We will indicate which functionality can be changed and why. How to simplify the work of managers and use the system more efficiently

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