Website development

Implementation of web tools for developers that increase sales

Communication between the client and the residential complex begins on the website. The first task of the site is to continue the acquaintance. The second task is to turn it into a request that your sales team will process.


Landing page

  • Landing page for launching ads
  • Focus on the offer to increase conversions
  • Quick launch and adaptation to promotional offers

Site of a residential complex

  • Representation and an integral part of your project on the Internet.
  • Detailed information about the project and calls to action to convert a visitor into a potential client.

Developer site

  • Business card of the company on the Internet.
  • Positioning and promotion of the brand.
  • Information about the company and its projects for your potential clients.


  • Collects preliminary requirements for future housing.
  • Getting a contact in exchange for a discount/offer/selection of apartments for a client.
  • A good alternative to Facebook’s “Lead form” or landing page for contextual advertising.
  • Warming up the audience, with the help of additional questions and game mechanics.

Introduction of a planning widget

  • Interactive catalog of apartments for developers’ sites with all possible options for searching for apartments or other premises.
  • Guaranteed increase in site conversion by 30%.
  • Synchronization and relevance of data on the site.

Support and optimization

  • Technical support for web projects to ensure smooth operation.
  • Audit and analysis. Implementation of several changes to increase site conversion.
  • Support for SEO positions, adding new sections for additional promotion.

Site cases

Increasing sales and digitalization of a Real Estate developer in Ukraine
How to get a client for an apartment worth $400,000 in 7 days with a budget of $250?
Clients for a real estate agency in Turkey with Facebook and Instagram
Getting the first potential customers for real estate valued at $ 300,000 in Dubai
Website audit

Let’s check your web resources for 30+ points. We will show you how to reduce download speed, and increase conversion and usability to get better results.

Important factors for us when creating a website

SEO optimized websites

We understand your SEO needs and our basic SEO implementation includes meta tags, title tags, images, and other optimizations to ensure you create search engine-optimized websites.

Speed and performance

The websites we develop are well-optimized and high-performing, giving us an edge over our competitors. We make sure to follow the best practices for doing custom development with WordPress.

High security

We integrate advanced security features such as SSL, two-factor authentication, data encryption, and more into every website we build to ensure websites are secure.

Comprehensive functionality

Every effective real estate website has a set of core features that need to be implemented. Our team can develop rich and robust website functionality that highlights your brand's exclusivity and builder success.

Strategic Approach to Design

The guessing game is not for us. Using the best UX and prototyping tools, we create the perfect user experience for your real estate website.

Action Driven Conversions

We don't stop at a few strong conversion rates. Your goals are our goals. Your metrics and KPIs are our finishing line. We will make sure that your entire funnel is optimized for your visitors and their retention.

How we are working

Collection of information

The first step to creating an effective web interface is to find effective solutions based on data and knowledge. We analyze the sites of competitors and identify the advantages. We evaluate the design and select references for the visuals and content based on the analysis.


Layouts that define areas of a web page, including sections, menus, and more. They illustrate each page template and make it easy to align with your original goals.

Design layout

At this stage, we create the aesthetics of the site based on your corporate identity principles. The style guide defines aspects of the interface, ensuring a consistent web design that matches your brand.


We implement designs and requirements with WordPress page builders or create our template to create a landing page or full website.

Testing and analytics

We set up analytical services and systems for tracking goals and conversions. We connect the necessary integrations, set up forms, and test the functionality.

Launch and support

An outdated website can lead to a high bounce rate and low conversion rate. Keeping your website up to date and up-to-date is not only important for the company but also to keep it functional and up-to-date with the latest modern practices.

Website audit

Let’s check your web resources for 20 points. We will show you how to reduce download speed, and increase conversion and usability to get better results.

Sharing experience

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