Why communication between marketing and sales is important

The sales and marketing departments are one of the key mechanisms in achieving positive results for every real estate agency or developer. With well-established interaction, the synergy of these departments can attract a large number of closed deals, but it also works in the opposite direction – the lack of communication can negatively affect the company’s success and sales directly.

A very common occurrence is shifting the responsibility from one department to another. For example, the sales department of a real estate agency complains that there are no sales, and the marketing department, in turn, insists that it brings in 100 leads a day and it cannot be that not a single lead was even interested in buying. Common situation? This happens all the time if there is no communication between these key departments and in this article, you will learn how to avoid making common mistakes that most developers face and how to take your company to the next level.


You need to understand that the sales department and the marketing department are guided by different metrics and they have different work specifics.

The marketing department is focused on metrics in advertising accounts and attracting new leads through the creative presentation of advertisements, while the sales department’s main indicators are deal statuses, lead quality, and sales. It is at this stage that the first misunderstandings arise between employees.

How to fix it?

  1. First of all, you need to develop a common understanding of what a “quality lead” is. Most often, a “quality lead” is a lead who answered the phone, confirmed that he knowingly left the application, and who is interested in buying.
  2. The sales and marketing departments must be in touch ALWAYS. It is very important to receive feedback on the quality of leads as often as possible, ideally every day. It is lead feedback that gives the marketing department an understanding of whether advertising is moving in the right direction or whether it is necessary to change the strategy and advertising audiences.
  3. It is very important that the sales department processes applications as soon as possible, because no matter how high-quality the lead is if he gets a call the next day or after 3 days, this lead is unlikely to be the final buyer in your company, and will not go to your competitors.
  4. The marketing department must respond quickly to feedback from the sales department, as the main goal is to attract as many quality leads as possible at the lowest possible cost.
  5. The sales department can provide fresh ideas for the marketing department. For example, an employee appeared in the sales department who speaks several languages ​​at once, which makes it possible for the marketing department to launch advertising campaigns in another geography. Or the sales department can send objects that are currently relevant for sale and the marketing department is already trying to attract applications specifically for this object.
  6. Reporting helps to evaluate the work of two departments at once and find growth points. Weekly statistics allow you to look at dry facts, for example, the number of conversions, the number of quality leads, the cost of a lead in the advertising account, and the cost of a quality lead. It is thanks to these metrics that both the sales department and the marketing department can understand in which direction to move and which processes to optimize.

Thanks to simple rules, in a few days you will see how much the work has improved and how much more positive and effective the interaction between the two teams has become. The very process of implementing these rules can be difficult at the first stages if the work has not been established before, but it is worth it!

Audit for developers

Let’s check one of the digital directions for several points. We will point out how to improve the work of the sales department, reduce the cost of a lead or optimize the site.

Audit of developers in the following areas
  • PPC advertising. Google ADS.
  • Targeted advertising. Meta ADS
  • Website and quiz analysis
  • Introduction to CRM. Recommendations for optimizing business processes
  • Audit of analytics and reporting systems
  • Video meeting with experts in different areas of the development company

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