We believe that only a profile and personalized approach gives the desired result.

Having started working with the first client back in 2016, we delved into the specifics of the business and realized what difficulties exist. We helped clients solve them with the help of our digital solutions. Now they are our product. We have thoroughly automated all processes related to increasing real estate sales. We want and develop only in this direction.

We are contacted for:

Increase website conversion
Launch sales of new properties
Get digital expertise for the real estate market
Increase the number of calls to existing complexes
Optimize the work of the sales department
Optimize marketing expenses
Conduct an audit and improve the skills of the sales team
Organize analytical data into a single system

How we became ourselves

Entering the international Real Estate market


On February 24, 2022, the russian federation launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The primary real estate market in Ukraine has temporarily stopped and we have begun an active search for the primary real estate market abroad, where our services could be useful. We started working with the markets of the UAE, Turkey, and Europe.

In the second half of 2022, we partially restored work with the Ukrainian market and continued to work with clients from other countries in the direction of generating leads for the purchase of primary housing, creating websites, and optimizing conversion. At the end of the year, we returned the focus to working with developers in the CIS countries (of course, except for the Russian Federation), and with renewed vigor, we are introducing improvements to the services we provide.

Business intelligence


Real Estate companies usually use several advertising sources to attract leads, use a CRM system, and telephony, have a database of apartment data storage, and sell several real estate projects at the same time. A solution was needed to provide reports on the operation of all mechanisms, their effectiveness, and payback.

We have collected all the systems from which we would like to receive data. Each one had to work separately. With some of them, it was already possible to receive data thanks to third-party services, some services were not suitable, so we developed our connector that transfers data to the Bi system. We received a daily updated system that answered all questions about the work of each department of the company.

Call tracking and full integration


The next step was to simplify the work of sales managers by introducing the automatic creation of all documents that are necessary to conclude a transaction using the data of the CRM system. Call tracking functionality and end-to-end analytics were added to telephony, with the help of which we could track 80% of lead sources.

The integration of our thefloors platform with the CRM system was developed, namely, the transfer of leads and utm tags, the display of the base of premises in CRM, as well as the ability to synchronize the statuses of transactions and apartments, respectively, when the manager changed the stage of the transaction in CRM – the status of the availability of the apartment changed automatically.



When working with current clients, there was an increasing dispute between our marketing department and the client’s sales department about the quality of leads. Since sometimes there were complaints about low-quality applications or that leads were received but they were not ready to purchase housing. In addition to this, we often spoke with sales managers and heard complaints about a large amount of routine work and that a lot of time is spent on tasks that do not directly lead to sales.

Thanks to the introduction of CRM and telephony, we were able to receive all calls in a single system, track the speed of processing leads, the reasons for low-quality leads, and record conversations of sales department employees. After analyzing the data from the system, changes were made to the work of the sales department, the speed of processing leads, the quality of work with potential customers, etc. were improved.

thefloors - marketing tool for developers


With experience building websites for prime real estate and optimizing conversions, we determined that the biggest technical challenge and the most popular section on the site was the floor plans section. An idea and plan for the implementation of a new separate platform for developers were formed, which would help solve the issue of choosing an apartment on the site.

The platform was called thefloors and it consisted of two components: a base of premises for the sales department and an interactive layout widget for the site. After installations for current clients and a number of interface changes for end users, we achieved the result of an increase in conversion of up to 75% on sites with primary real estate.

Working with the Real Estate market


We realized that we need to change the profile of the company and focus only on real estate. Since all new clients were related only to real estate, this paid off and we were focused on improving our performance as much as possible.

We started using tools for conducting A/B testing and improving the conversion rates of landing pages and websites of real estate projects, and the experience gained could be immediately used in the implementation of new projects. The marketing department did not defocus on other niches, tested new hypotheses, implemented ideas, and took refresher courses only on the topic of real estate, respectively, the development of the entire team and the improvement of results occurred faster.

Marketing agency


It all started with the creation of the first company that was engaged in online marketing and creating websites for businesses. We have gained experience and results in creating landing pages, corporate websites, and online stores. We promoted companies through SEO and PPC that sold diamonds, cars, furniture, served IT companies, etc. We did our job, but with each project, we spent a lot of time and effort on studying, analyzing, and delving into a niche.

It so happened that we received many orders from the real estate sector. We started getting more and more experience, getting to know the market, owners, management companies, marketers, managers, and so on. That is, we have completely begun to immerse ourselves in this direction and study all the pains of our customers, from the sales department to the top management of the company.