2 popular online platforms to attract real estate clients

Today, there are many ways to attract clients to sell real estate. The growth in number of sites and methods that can bring good results is increasing every year. But until now, 2 platforms remain the most popular and effective. These are Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and Google. What are the features of these platforms? What is their key difference? Which platform is better to choose?

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Social networks of the Meta Corporation, today, generate the largest number of applications for the purchase of the real estate. If you’re in the real estate industry, chances are your competitors are already using it and getting thousands of applications every day.

The social networking site Facebook is used by about 2 billion people . The artificial intelligence of Meta Corporation is responsible for the algorithm for displaying ads to users. That is, Facebook constantly analyzes the user: behavior in social networks, profile settings, what interests him, and what groups he belongs to. Thanks to the large volume and processing of data, the platform understands to whom and when to show your advertisement, so that you, with a high probability, can get the target real estate client.

The main feature of using Meta’s ads is user targeting. That is, you can choose which users will see your ads by geography, demographics, interests, and so on. You can narrow down your audience, for example, to people who live in a certain location and have a hobby or have Apple phones, or you can use a wide audience, thus allowing Facebook’s artificial intelligence to find your customers.

Meta ad launch options for real estate:

  • Facebook ads can be used for branding ads to get your potential customer to know about your product. It works great with this type of ad.
  • You can set up ads to generate leads or go to the site to receive applications for your real estate agency, the developer company, or residential complex. To do this, you can use the built-in lead forms or transitions to third-party resources – a landing page or a quiz form.
  • If you use ads on Facebook or Instagram with a link to your real estate site, it is advisable to use Retargeting, that is, showing ads to those users who have already been on your site.
Banner examples

Advertising in Google ADS

Every day, your customers enter thousands of the queries you need into the Google search box. “Buy an apartment in Dubai”, “New building in Alanya” and so on. Users who use a search engine differ from users on social networks in terms of willingness to purchase or at least show interest. When writing a request, the user already understands what interests him and can go to the page of your business or project. Most likely, your potential client is already studying information regarding your real estate market and is currently looking for a good offer, developer, or broker. At this stage, you need to do everything to attract a user to your site and increase the likelihood of contacting you through the landing page.

Running real estate ads on Google ADS requires more resources and time. First, you need to collect keywords and set up ad campaigns to show on Google. Secondly, you need to implement a Landing page to convert a site visitor into a lead for your sales team.

Options for running Google Ads for Real Estate:

  • The main direction is search queries. Branding and other queries that target geographic reach or interest in certain user profiles.
  • You can additionally connect the contextual display network, for this you need to use illustrations that will be placed on Google partner sites, by clicking on which you will be redirected to your Landing Page.
  • Do not forget that, similar to Facebook advertising, you should use remarketing, that is, show ads to users who have already visited your site. For this type of advertising, it is also recommended to adapt and use different offers from the main ones.


Most developers and real estate agencies today are using Facebook and Google to generate leads for the purchase of prime property. Both platforms do a great job of this, if done right, and are the main real estate marketing channels.

Facebook you can launch and get the result faster, and also use it to popularize your brand, but you need to understand that quality requests from Facebook or Instagram will be worse in most cases., since most likely, users are not very involved in your offer, and you offer them something while they are just scrolling through the feed in the social. networks.

Google requires more time and preparation to launch, and the cost of the application will be higher, but you make your offer to an already interested user, and your task is to show your offer better than others.

Still, we recommend using both platforms and tracking the cost of quality leads to ultimately evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Audit for developers

Let’s check one of the digital directions for several points. We will point out how to improve the work of the sales department, reduce the cost of a lead or optimize the site.

Audit of developers in the following areas
  • PPC advertising. Google ADS.
  • Targeted advertising. Meta ADS
  • Website and quiz analysis
  • Introduction to CRM. Recommendations for optimizing business processes
  • Audit of analytics and reporting systems
  • Video meeting with experts in different areas of the development company

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