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Scalable Solutions

Scalable Solutions

As business needs to grow, they have to enhance the existing infrastructure. Adart agency builds scalable websites that make future expansion easier. With scalable solutions, you can match your growing needs by scaling up your site.
SEO-friendly Websites

SEO-friendly Websites

We understand your SEO needs and our basic SEO implementation includes meta tags, headers tags, images, and other optimizations to ensure to build search engine optimized websites. We build SEO-friendly websites for you.
Speed & Performance

Speed & Performance

Websites that we develop are well-optimized and high-performance which gives it an edge over competitors. We make sure to follow the best practices to perform custom WordPress development and deliver an outstanding solution.
High-end Security

High-end Security

We integrate advanced security features like SSL, two-factor authentication, data encryption, etc, into every website we build to ensure rock-solid security for the websites. We employ the best approach to enhance website security.
Simple & Clean Sites

Simple & Clean Sites

Creating clean, fast, secure, and well-functioning websites is our motto. Our developers ensure well-commented and clear code along with the use of the latest tools and technologies in the development process.
Comprehensive functionality

Comprehensive functionality

Every effective real estate website has a set of core features that are essential to implement. Our team can develop extensive and reliable website functionality that will convey your brand exclusivity and ensure your business success.
A strategic approach to design

A strategic approach to design

Playing guessing games is not for us. Applying the best UX and prototyping tools, we map out the perfect user experience for your real estate website. The in-depth user experience research and market analysis help us avoid pitfalls other businesses may experience.
Attention to details at every step

Attention to details at every step

A website development journey is not about a final destination but rather about a continuous process for us. From conceptualization to the website launch, our specialists will make sure that the development project follows your business goals.
Action-Driven Conversions

Action-Driven Conversions

We don’t stop at a few strong conversion numbers. Your goals are our goals. At Adart agency, our process and team are a piece of a larger strategy. Your metrics, KPI’s, are our finish line. We’ll make sure your whole funnel is optimized for your visitors and their retention.
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Web crafting portfolio


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PPC optimized website for UAE Real estate agency

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Website for real estate developer in Ukraine, Kryvyi rih

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Website for off-plan townhouses project in Ukraine, Dnipro


City Park off-plan project

Website for real estate off-plan project in Ukraine, Cherkassy

Barvy off-plan project

Website for real estate off-plan project in Ukraine, Dnipro

Montblan off-plan project

Website for real estate off-plan project in Ukraine, Dnipro

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Website for real estate off-plan project in Ukraine, Vinnitsa

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Website for real estate off-plan project in Ukraine, Dnipro

Parkovij off-plan project

Website for real estate off-plan project in Ukraine, Kryvyi rih

Kurortnyj Landing page

Website for real estate off-plan project in Ukraine, Kryvyi rih

Our Web Development Process

Information Gathering

The first step to creating impactful web experiences is to research effective solutions born from data and insight. We take the time to learn about your goals and understand your business' purpose, primary goals, and target audience before beginning our website design services for your real estate company.


Wireframes are linear mockups that define areas of the web page, including sections, menu location, and more. They illustrate every page template and facilitate alignment with your initial objectives. This detailed presentation of the interfaces allows us to determine the position, size, and content of each element.

UI Mockups and Style Guide

At this stage, we create platform aesthetics based on your corporate identity guidelines. A style guide specifies all the UI aspects, to ensure a consistent web design that aligns with your branding.

Content Writing

Once you are happy with the layout, our team of seasoned content smiths start writing. They craft irresistible headlines, write your entire website content ground up or edit your existing texts whichever you prefer.


We implement the design and requirements using WordPress page builders or creating custom template to create Landing page or stunning website. From a beautiful design to a custom-coded website, the coding phase breathes life into your digital vision.

Quality Assurance and Testing Process

Usability Testing – User-site interactions are heuristic and meet standards for usability across all devices and browsers. Cross-Browser Testing – IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Mobile Compatibility Testing – iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Launching and Support

An outdated website can cause a high bounce rate and a low conversion rate. Maintaining your site is important not only for relevance and company updates but for keeping the site functional and up to speed with today’s latest tactics. Our maintenance retainer plan allows you to communicate with us via email, messenger or phone regarding your requests or questions, and we’ll handle it!

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thefloors - interactive floor plans and building
elevations on your website

Everything the client needs to select a property will be fully displayed on your website. Interactive sections, floors and individual properties with their current prices and availability status. Gallery of interiors and views from the windows of apartments. Basic parameters for choosing a porperty, and it works with a several real estate projects. Number of rooms, floor, section, area, price and type of property. The widget provides the ability to download a PDF with the floor plan and transfer information to your device or send the document to the e-mail.

More info – thefloors.io

Some Common Questions

Ideally, a good website is a representation of your brand and its values. Tactfully managed continent, tone and visuals on your website will give the right impression about your brand to your customers. It aids in creating that lasting impression that the customer will associate with your brand. Additionally, all of your marketing elements will redirect your customers to your website and give them the information that they need.

Data is essential to begin web development. It includes details on your target audience, demographics, primary goals, the purpose of your business, and an overall brand idea. It allows the developer to understand how to design your website to make it appealing to your customer. The research also allows the designer to visualise what the customer would like to experience from your brand. A long-lasting impression is essential for you to get repeat customers and establish your identity in the market.

Responsive mobile development refers to web or app design that accommodates screens of different sizes. It allows the application or the website to adapt to every screen and look its best. The Mobile-first approach is often used by designers when developing a website or an app for responsive mobile design. In such cases, the design is expanded based on the device in question i.e., mobile, tablet, laptop or television. It allows for better availability towards the ever-expanding range of devices in different segments making it inclusive.

Customers often navigate through a website with a glance towards the screen. Therefore it is important to design your website in such a way that it becomes easier for them to find what they are looking for. Top design and development skills are necessary to design a website that is not too distracting. Along with this factor, it is also important to adhere to brand guidelines so that the customer feels comfortable and familiar with your website.

Web development is the entire process of developing a website for your business on the internet or the intranet (in case if you have a preference to run it on your private network). In simple words, web development deals with the technical part of the website building process that includes coding and writing markup. Web developers use coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc. to build a website and other relative web applications.

Amongst the most important principles of web designing, visual hierarchy is very important. Apart from visual hierarchy, these are a few important principles associated with web designing that has been mentioned below:

  • Knowing the users and identifying their needs of visiting a website
  • Balancing consistency with lucid navigational settings
  • Animations must play instantly after clicking the ‘PLAY’ button
  • Mobile responsive design is a must
  • Considering the popular web designing trends followed by other designers
  • Testing the prototype design in the lab before finalization

Web design is all about the visual look of a website and the functions associated with it. It is more of putting yourself into the shoe of someone to understand the user’s perspective. Whereas, web development is all about using the codes used to develop a website by using programming languages like CSS, JavaScript, Php. Creating a website that users prefer to visit again and again needs the hard work of a web designer as well as a developer.

A strong web design creates an appealing impression for visitors, benefits the SEO campaigns, builds trust with the targeted audiences, ultimately increasing the conversion scopes. Apart from that, a robust website design guarantees the following benefits:

  • Appealing and catchy first impression
  • Staying close to the competitor websites
  • Improving the SEO ranking factors
  • Reduces bounce rates
  • Easier to extend additional functionality in the website
  • Consistently powering up the brand identity