Manage your sales effectively using a real estate specialized CRM


We help real estate developers & companies automate their business via CRM systems.

Buyer and seller data input

Buyer and seller data input

Manually recording buyer or seller details cuts into time spent closing or nurturing potential buyers. With real estate CRM software, your contacts’ details, communication, and activity can all be automatically inputted.
Full funnel visibility

Full funnel visibility

Keeping on top of every activity with potential buyers or sellers is challenging. CRM for real estate makes it easy by showing you where every contact in your pipeline is, what the next step should be, and automatically moving them to the next stage of the funnel.
Property details

Property details

A real estate CRM can manage more than just your contacts. By collecting and organizing property details in your CRM, you’ll have all the information readily available whenever you (or a potential buyer) might need it.
Customer insights

Customer insights

Have a client meeting scheduled? A real estate CRM can bring up your relevant notes at the tap of a button, so you’re always ready to deliver a truly personalized service.
Follow-ups and reminders

Follow-ups and reminders

Keep deals moving with automatic messages and reminders. Whether it’s following up with someone who’s interested in a property or checking in with an existing client, a CRM for realtors ensures that no contact goes forgotten.
In-depth analysis

In-depth analysis

Where is a deal most likely to fall through? How long is your sales cycle? What tasks and activities get the best results? With in-depth insights, the best CRM for real estate will help you see exactly what’s working (and what isn’t) so you make smarter decisions.
Real estate professionals are 26% (Source: REAL Trends) more productive with a customer relationship management software, or CRM, for real estate.

Solutions we implement



A simple CRM with one of the best interfaces. This is an ideal suite for small/medium-sized service business

Our Web Development Process

Consultation & Gathering

Having a clear understanding is half the battle won. We begin by understanding and prioritizing requirements. Based on that we define high-level goals.

Setup & Configuration

Once we have an idea about your requirements, we work on customizing and configuring the solution to best suit your needs.


We provide integration services for the CRM solution. Adart agency can integrate it with third party apps like cloud phone system, accounting, marketing tools, etc.

User training

We offer preparation materials and online training sessions to end-users to enhance user adoption of implemented integration.


The final stage involves migrating your data, implementing automated workflow processes, and one last system check.

Managed Service

You won't have to worry about managing your platform, we'll do it for you. With flexible monthly hours including roll-over hours, you can have an expert team on hand to provide ongoing support, proactively adapting your solution to enhance new features.