How to get a client for an apartment worth $400,000 in 7 days, with a budget of $250



In August 2022, a broker approached us with the task of obtaining leads for the purchase of the real estate. He already had a successful track record of launching ad campaigns in 2020.

Since the broker perfectly understood his target audience, we were tasked with getting the maximum number of targeted applications from African countries – Zimbabwe and Malawi.


Advertising campaigns worked for only 7 days – from August 26 to September 2, 2022. For a week of advertising campaigns, we received 107 leads, at an average cost of $ 2.3.


Most of the appeals were brought by an offer related to obtaining a type of residence by investing in off-plan real estate.


Interests used – real estate investment and return on investment. Age – 28 years and older.

39 out of 107 leads were qualified by the broker as quality. 8 – agreed to a personal meeting and the broker received a reservation of 2% for an apartment worth $400,000.

But what is the secret of such a quick deal?

The broker, before launching advertising campaigns, planned a business trip to these countries. And upon receipt of all the leads, the broker, after consulting the client, immediately offered to clients personal meetings.

Overall, this approach to sales increases the likelihood of a deal and reduces the customer’s decision cycle.

Now, the main problem with advertising Dubai real estate to other countries is that people may actually be interested, but they cannot quickly fly in and make a deal for various reasons. Our broker has changed the rules of the game. Instead of waiting for clients, he just bought tickets and in 2 days, locally, held meetings and closed the deal. We can assume that without this trip and a personal meeting, the deal would not have happened or it would have been postponed indefinitely.

For a broker, this approach is practiced all the time, and it makes sense since the costs of marketing and travel are more than paid off by closed deals.

To summarize:

If you plan to launch advertising in other countries, then:

  1. Plan your trip well in advance.
  2. Prepare advertising campaigns for the cities where you plan to stay.
  3. Run ads 2-3 weeks before visit date.
  4. When calling, qualify the client and immediately arrange a personal meeting.

If you liked the approach to marketing and sales, we have suggestions for you.

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