Getting the first potential customers for real estate valued at $300,000 in Dubai


The overview

Real estate agency in Dubai
  • Year of foundation: 2022
  • Geography: UAE
  • Start of cooperation: March 2022
  • End of cooperation: keep working
A new real estate agency with a Ukrainian founder was actively entering the primary real estate market in Dubai.


The task for the Adart team was set as follows – to get the maximum number of potential applications for the purchase of real estate in the UAE. The starting price for apartments started from $300,000

Since the agency was just entering the UAE market and the sales department was just being formed, the company did not have a website yet. The current purchase requests came from the current customer base in Ukraine.

Outcome: It was necessary to launch the process of lead generation for real estate in Dubai as soon as possible.



Since the client only felt the UAE market, it was decided to show ads, practically, to the whole world. All European countries, part of the CIS countries and the Middle East were selected. Campaigns with expensive CPM (Canada, America and Australia) were not launched in the initial stages.


Since real estate ads fall under the “special category of ads” – Meta does not allow us to choose the age and gender of the target audience 🙁. Therefore, the impressions were for men and women from 18 to 65+.

Interests were chosen as follows – real estate investment, investment strategies and return on investment.



Based on the targeting settings, we created creatives on which there was a beautiful render of the promoted complex, the main advantages of the house and general features of buying real estate, such as:
  • Residence permit
  • No taxes
  • Installment up to 5 years
  • Payback
  • Rental income
Below is an example of one of the banners.
For the first 10 days of the advertising campaign, 75 leads were received for 79 aed ($22). The average daily budget was $160 per day.

Also, several more real estate objects were added to the work and the structure of advertising campaigns was changed. We brought all countries into one group and divided creatives by user profile language. That is, those who have English selected by default on Facebook Instagram saw creatives in English, those who have Russian – therefore, in Russian.

The idea of ​​bringing all the countries together was to enable Facebook to search for the “right people” in the “right countries” and get the coveted 50 applications per week from one advertising group.

This hypothesis has been successfully fulfilled. Get 55 conversions for $21 in the first week.

June results

0 %
Execution of the lead plan
20 %
Budget overrun
56 $
Average cost per lead

Marketing indicators:

  • Applications – 459
  • Average cost per lead – 26,96 $
  • Advertising budget – 12 373,59 $

Sales department indicators:

  • Leads – 459
  • Quality leads – 114
  • Object selection, zoom-call, etc. – 70

No closed deals yet

According to the head of the sales department, out of 70 interested parties, they plan to close at least 3 deals for sale in the next 3 months (there are already agreements for a live meeting in Dubai).

Intermediate results satisfy the client.


September results

After receiving data for the first periods of work and feedback from the sales department, new hypotheses for advertising campaigns were adopted. The main KPI for our team was the price for a quality lead, that is, a lead who is really interested in acquiring real estate.

The main geography that was used to display ads was Nigeria, France, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia.

The proposals were as follows. We launched new banner options to test our hypotheses. The main messages were: Investments, Projects and proposals, Golden visa, Top 5 objects for investment, and Villas in Dubai.

To improve lead quality metrics, we’ve added additional questions to the lead form, and we’ve also started using the quiz form via a separate page:


  • Budget spent – $12,583
  • Leads in CRM – 531
  • Qualified leads – 198
  • Conversion to qualification – 37%
  • The cost of a qualified lead is 63$
During the current period of work, the company has already received sales from online advertising and is holding meetings with new potential customers.


From Facebook, you can receive targeted communications for the purchase of real estate from $ 300,000. There is no button to get leads. You constantly need to try new geography, interests, and offers. Understand that getting results takes time and good budgets. Further plan:
  1. Increase the percentage of quality leads to 50-60%
  2. Increase the number of sales for the client by getting leads ready to buy
At the moment, we have the following vision for the development of online advertising for the sale of real estate in Dubai:
  • Launch traffic from Google ADS to a landing page, specifically to a real estate project, in Russian, to get Russian-speaking leads.
  • Tiktok launched with short videos about Dubai projects for an English-speaking audience in the local market and a Russian-speaking audience in the CIS countries.
  • Run short videos instead of banner ads for Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Information landing pages, with content depending on the geography of the display, for a more conscious lead.
We plan to implement these hypotheses in other clients as well. Read the information in our next cases.

If you liked the approach to marketing and sales, we have suggestions for you.

A 30 minute marketing strategy session with a marketing expert from the Adart agency where you:
  • Learn how to attract targeted leads to buy real estate.
  • What advertising sources bring sales.
  • What advertising messages are effective.
  • What other non-standard approaches are there in advertising and selling real estate.
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