Facebook ads for the sale of off-plan real estate

In the previous article, we discussed the main advantages of advertising on Facebook (link to the article). In this article, we will take a closer look at how to prepare for launching advertising on Facebook, what lead generation tools are currently relevant, and what offers can be used in advertising creatives.

A Facebook ad has three main components:

  1. Banner or animation video
  2. Creative copy and call to action
  3. Purpose of the advertisement

For the real estate market, there are 2 main effective goals: conversions and lead generation.

Lead generation is the fastest and easiest way to test your hypotheses, which at the same time can give long-term and good results. It is the generation of leads to bring a large number of leads at the lowest price, and this goal allows you to test advertising creatives, geography, and audience. Also, this goal generates a large flow of applications from potential customers, but the quality of these applications can be questionable for many factors. To avoid this, our marketing agency Adart optimizes and complicates the lead form in order to get more quality leads.

The goal of the conversion can give absolutely different results and directly depends on the landing page that the user will land on after clicking on the advertisement. It is necessary to have all the available tools to create a quality landing page so that advertising brings good results for developers or real estate agencies. When using the goal of conversion, the applications will be much better, but the price will be higher than with the goal of generating leads.

As we can see, there is no one working and universal working tool, complex testing of goals and hypotheses will help to develop working solutions specifically for your real estate company!


Campaign objectives that are not suitable for receiving leads from your potential customers:

  1. Reach
  2. Brand Awareness
  3. Video Views
  4. Engagement

Working with these objectives, you will receive: comments, likes, impressions, and video views, but not leads.

Having dealt with the main campaign objectives on Facebook, we can move on to advertising creatives and why it is important to make them clear and catchy for your potential buyer.

What messages to use in advertising to catch the attention of a property buyer?

There is no clear answer to this question, because even the most beautiful creative may not work, and an ugly one, on the contrary, will bring a large number of leads. Therefore, “beauty” is a rather subjective concept in the case of advertising creatives.

At the moment, in the real estate market, many real estate agencies use direct advertising – they put up a photo or video of the object and simply write the price. This is one of the working strategies, especially if your agency has a good track record and an impressive reputation.

The second type of creative is the development of a portrait of the target audience that you want to reach with the help of advertising creative. Thus, you determine who your end customer should be, and what needs pains, and fears he has, and with the help of advertising creative, you attract his attention, as you give him the SOLUTION that he has been looking for for a long time.

For example:

  • A potential client wants to keep his earned money, but at the moment does not know where to invest it.
  • A potential client wants to obtain 2nd citizenship in order to feel safe and free to travel.
  • A potential client is looking for a way to increase capital or receive passive income.

Each person has a number of reasons why he has not yet realized what he has been thinking about for a long time, and our task is to give him a solution to his problems and fears with the help of advertising tools and excellent service from the sales department.


Where to get ideas for real estate promotional offers?

  1. Facebook Ads Library
  2. Spy Services
  3. Pay attention to what competitors most often launch in advertising and what goals of advertising campaigns they use

The Facebook Ads Library is the most popular resource that allows you to analyze advertising activity in your niche. To find the desired ad, you need to write thematic keywords in the description, such as: buy an apartment in Dubai, an apartment from a developer in Turkey, and so on. You will see a large number of advertisements that your competitors are currently using. Using this tool, you can analyze the banner designs, ad text, calls to action, and ad objectives that your competitors are currently generating bids for.


What is more important in real estate advertising: content or technical setting of advertising?

The age-old question that haunts everyone who has ever dealt with lead generation on Facebook. Our opinion is unambiguously creative. Since 10 advertisers can use the same settings in advertising accounts, in the end, the one whose advertising offer will be unique, engaging, and, most importantly, meet the needs of the client, will win.

At our performance agency Adart Agency, we provide a full range of marketing for real estate agencies and developers, so we will gladly cover all your lead generation needs.

We hope that this article was useful for you and you learned something new yourself!


Why communication between marketing and sales is important

The sales and marketing departments are one of the key mechanisms in achieving positive results for every real estate agency or developer. With well-established interaction, the synergy of these departments can attract a large number of closed deals, but it also works in the opposite direction – the lack of communication can negatively affect the company’s success and sales directly.

A very common occurrence is shifting the responsibility from one department to another. For example, the sales department of a real estate agency complains that there are no sales, and the marketing department, in turn, insists that it brings in 100 leads a day and it cannot be that not a single lead was even interested in buying. Familiar situation? This happens all the time if there is no communication between these key departments. In this article, you will learn how to avoid common mistakes that most developers face and take your company to the next level.

You need to understand that different metrics guide the sales department and the marketing department and they have different work specifics

The marketing department is focused on metrics in advertising accounts and attracting new leads through the creative presentation of advertisements, while the sales department’s main indicators are deal statuses, lead quality, and sales.
It is at this stage that the first misunderstandings arise between employees.

How to fix it?

  1. First of all, you need to develop a shared understanding of what a “quality lead” is. Most often, a “quality lead” is a lead who answered the phone, confirmed that he knowingly left the application and who is interested in buying.
  2. The sales and marketing departments must be in touch ALWAYS. It is very important to receive feedback on the quality of leads as often as possible, ideally every day. It is lead feedback that gives the marketing department an understanding of whether advertising is moving in the right direction or whether it is necessary to change the strategy and advertising audiences.
  3. It is very important that the sales department processes applications as soon as possible, because no matter how high-quality the lead if he gets a call the next day or after 3 days, this lead is unlikely to be the final buyer in your company, and will not go to your competitors.
  4. The marketing department must respond quickly to feedback from the sales department since the main goal is to attract as many quality leads as possible at the lowest possible cost.
  5. The sales department can provide fresh ideas for the marketing department. For example, an employee appeared in the sales department who speaks several languages ​​​​at once, which makes it possible for the marketing department to launch advertising campaigns in other geographies. Or the sales department can send objects that are currently relevant for sale and the marketing department is already trying to attract applications specifically for this object.
  6. Reporting helps to evaluate the work of two departments at once and find growth points. Weekly statistics allow you to look at dry facts, for example, the number of conversions, the number of quality leads, the cost of a lead in the advertising account, and the cost of a quality lead. It is thanks to these metrics that both the sales department and the marketing department can understand in which direction to move and what processes to optimize.

Thanks to simple rules, in a few days you will see how much the results of work have improved and how much more positive and effective the interaction between the two teams has become. The very process of implementing these rules can be difficult at the first stages if the work has not been established before, but it is definitely worth it!


2 popular online platforms for attracting real estate clients

Today, there are many ways to attract clients to sell real estate. The number of sites and methods that can bring good results is increasing yearly. But until now, 2 platforms remain the most popular and effective. These are Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and Google. What are the features of these platforms? What is their crucial difference? Which platform is better to choose?

Facebook and Instagram ADS

Social networks of the Meta corporation, today, generate the largest number of requests for the purchase of the real estate. If you’re in the real estate industry, chances are your competitors are already using it and getting thousands of applications every day.

The social network Facebook is used by about 2 billion people. The artificial intelligence of Meta Corporation is responsible for the algorithm for displaying ads to users. That is, Facebook constantly analyzes the user: behavior in social networks, profile settings, what interests him, and what groups he belongs to. Thanks to the large volume and processing of data, the platform understands to whom and when to show your advertisement, so that you, with a high probability, can get the target real estate client.

The main feature of using Meta advertising is user targeting. That is, you can choose which users will see your ads by geography, demographics, interests, and so on. You can narrow down your audience, for example, to people who live in a certain location and have a hobby or have Apple-branded phones, or you can use a wide audience, thus allowing the artificial intelligence of Facebook to find your customers.

Meta ad launch options for real estate:

  • Facebook ads can be used for branded ads to get your potential customer to know about your product, this works great with this type of ad.
  • You can set up ads to generate leads or go to the site to receive applications for your real estate agency or developer company or residential complex. To do this, you can use the built-in lead forms, or transitions to third-party resources – a landing page or a quiz form.
  • If you use advertising on Facebook or Instagram with a link to your real estate site, it is advisable to use Retargeting, that is, showing ads to those users who have already been to your site.

Google ADS

Every day, your customers use thousands of queries you need in the Google search box. Buy an apartment in Dubai, off-plan property in Alanya, and so on. Users who use a search engine are different from users on social networks in terms of willingness to purchase or at least show interest. When writing a request, the user already understands what interests him, and can go to the page of your business or project. Most likely, your potential client is already studying information regarding your real estate market and is currently in the process of searching for a good offer or developer, or broker. At this stage, you need to do everything to attract a user to your site and increase the likelihood of contacting you through your landing page.

Running real estate ads on Google ADS requires more resources and time. First, you need to collect the keywords and ad campaign settings to display on Google. Secondly, you need to implement a Landing page to convert a site visitor into a lead for your sales department.

Options for running Google Ads for Real Estate:

  • The main direction is search queries. Branding and other queries that target geographic reach or interest in certain user profiles.
  • You can additionally connect the contextual display network, for this you need to use illustrations that will be placed on Google partner sites, by clicking on which you will be redirected to your Landing Page.
  • Do not forget that, similar to Facebook advertising, you should use remarketing, that is, show ads to users who have already visited your site. For this type of advertising, it is also recommended to adapt and use a different offer from the main one.


Most developers and real estate agencies today are using Facebook and Google to generate leads for the purchase of the off-plan property. Both platforms do a great job of this, if done right, and are the main real estate marketing channels.

Facebook can be launched and get results faster, and can also be used to promote your brand, but you need to understand that the quality of hits from Facebook or Instagram will be worse in most cases, since, most likely, users are not very involved in your offer, and you offer them something while they are just flipping through the feed in the social. networks.

Google requires more time and preparation to launch, and the cost of the leads will be higher, but you make your offer to an already interested user, and your task is to show your offer better than others.

Still, we recommend using both platforms and tracking the cost of quality leads to ultimately evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.